Best Spots to Enjoy the Solar Eclipse at Five Knolls

Grab your solar viewers and head to one of our five signature knolls or Golden Valley Park for a front row seat at tomorrow’s solar eclipse! It’s all happening tomorrow morning, Monday, August 21st, starting at 9:05am and reaching its peak at 10:20am. We’re here to help you prepare for this exciting event.

The eclipse will be the first of its kind since 1979. While California isn’t along the direct path to view it in its totality, SoCal residents will still be able to catch a partial eclipse that is sure to be stunning.

When viewing the eclipse with solar glasses, do not look at the sun longer than 30 seconds. You should not look at the sun with the naked eye. Get a pair of solar viewers from a nearby Best Buy or similar retailer. These shades will protect your eyes during the eclipse.

Five Knolls residents have elevation and clear views on their side. Pack a mid-morning picnic and spend the day at Golden Valley Park. Here, the large open space will give you an ideal place to see the eclipse. If you’re looking for a light stroll, walk over to nearby Sunset Knoll. This beautiful overlook will give you slightly higher elevation along with a 360 degree view.

With the knolls, a park and open space nearby, there’s no shortage of natural spots to watch the phenomenon!

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