Décor Trend: Smart Storage and Shelving

A place for everything and everything in its place. Check out some chic solutions and stylish shelving options perfect for creating more space while adding to your home’s décor.

For a space-saving hiding spot, under the bed is the way to go. Use rolling crates, organizers or baskets to help maximize this space for everything from winter clothes to art supplies. The same goes for hard-to-reach cabinets and the back of your closet. These hidden areas can be used to store seasonal items you don’t use daily. From stacking fabric boxes to creating a DIY home organizer, where there’s a will there’s a way!

On-trend and in-style, shelving is not only a chic storage option, but it’s the perfect way to enhance a room’s décor while making space. Looking for more kitchen storage? Add shelves above the sink (or counter) and put your best dishes and china on display. It’s a great way to create cabinet space and add to the decor.

Have extra throws and blankets for when guests come to town? Bedding can take up valuable closet space. Instead, use a decorative ladder to organize the most colorful or textured items to create visual interest in the room.

Built-in bookcases are the perfect way to hide items in plain sight and a great way to organize smaller pieces. You can display books, framed photos, travel souvenirs, house plants and other mementos you’ve gathered along the way. Build one in your office, the family room or anywhere you feel could use a more personal touch.

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