Get to Know the Knolls

Five Knolls is a community that’s naturally inspiring, and taking in spectacular views from the five signature knolls is the best way to see what life here is all about.

A walk to the top of Sunset Knoll will offer some of the best views of the valley. It’s the perfect place to watch the brilliant colors in the sky as they change from day to night.

Orchard Knolls is the ideal place to experience the changing seasons. Admire the scent of pear blossoms in the air or the changing colors of leaves all around.

Follow a path that winds through a meadow filled with plants and flowers that butterflies love and take in the views of Golden Valley Park and the valley beyond at Butterfly Knoll – a place that puts you in touch with nature.

Graced with spacious turf areas for relaxing and picnicking, Kite Knoll will allow you to fully enjoy the view and breezes from what feels like the top of the world.

With the highest elevation of all the knolls, Oak Knoll is your front-row seat to overlook the sprawling land below.

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