Go Green for Earth Day

With Earth Day on Saturday, there’s no better time to take some eco-friendly steps in the right direction. There are the more obvious ways to do your part, such as recycling, conserving water and carpooling, but there are also a variety of other ways to reduce your carbon footprint. Here are a few easy ways to go green.

Fun fact: A majority of the energy associated with doing laundry comes from heating up water. Next time, do a load on cold. You won’t just save energy, you’ll save your clothes because hot water will shrink your favorite shirt in no time.

Preparing for a presentation or helping with your kid’s homework, always make an effort to print double-sided. Nothing says save the world quite like saving trees. And, if you’re feeling extra eco-friendly, rethink your printing needs overall. Before you click print, take a moment and see if you can just send via email.

Morning coffee is an important part of the day and we’re all guilty of stopping at coffee shops for a little morning fuel. Next time you get that cup of joe, bring your own travel mug. A lot of coffee shops have eco-friendly programs and if you bring your own mug, you’ll not only help the environment by reducing waste, you might get a discount on that fancy cup of coffee. It’s a win-win!

Last but not least, enjoy our great, green Earth this Saturday, April 22nd, by planting a tree with your friends and family. You’ll add to local air quality and be able to go back year after year to watch your hardwork blossom and grow. Happy Earth Day!

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